2 Gynecomastia Treatment Options to Remove Man Breasts

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In several cases, Gynecomastia doesn't need urgent treatment. In newborn or pubertal boys the condition settles by itself.

If the same caused due to the consumption of drugs or other inherent disease, it may resolve once the intake of the offending drug is stopped or when the underlying disease is treated.
Find the major causes of Gynecomastia in Males.
Whilst complications of Gynecomastia are uncommon, some of the time the breast tissues may go through scarring which makes the treatment hard.

Also the psychological effect of the Gynecomastia condition is great for a lot of patients particularly young men and teenagers.

Additionally, men with Gynecomastia may have a higher risk of getting breast cancer. A few patients so might need drugs that stop the feminizing hormones or Gynecomastia surgery to reduce the breast size.

In general, treatment procedures for Gynecomastia include medications and surgery.

Medications to Treat Gynecomastia Patients

  • Right now, no drugs are O.K.ed by the U.S. FDA (Food & Drug Administration) for the treatment of Gynecomastia.
  • Doctors may prescribe an anti-estrogen drug called 'Tamoxifen' which may be taken as 10mg pills twice daily. This is given mostly to the patients who suffer pain. Tamoxifen may also help patients who develop Gynecomastia by the intake of prostate cancer drugs.
  • In case of low levels of male hormones, Testosterone replacement may be tried in some patients.
  • Although not seen much success, another most popular drug is Anastrozole. This prevents the formation of Estrogen.
  • Surgery

Gynecomastia Surgery: Treatment Options

There are 2 types of cosmetic surgery for Gynecomastia.
  1. The first one is liposuction where only the breast fat tissues are removed but the tissues remain intact.
    Gynecomastia Surgery Before and After Pics
  2. The second one is mastectomy where the surgeon operates and removes the breast gland tissues. Small incisions will be made over the breast sides, in the underarm or near the areola.

How Gynecomastia Surgery is Performed? [Video]

Once the surgery is done, the healing process starts and it will take just a few weeks to heal completely.

Since Gynecomastia causes due to the drugs, medications and diseases, these need to be assessed and appropriate solution needs to be provided.


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