7 Gynecomastia Symptoms: Find & Treat Enlarged Breasts in Men

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Gynecomastia in the first place turns up as enlargement of the male breasts. It might affect one (in some cases) or both breasts (most cases). The breast enlargement is mainly due to the breast tissues which are composed of glands and not fat.

The below video outlines the major differences between the true and false symptoms of Gynecomastia.

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Gynecomastia Symptoms in Men

  1. Enlargement of single or both breasts. The breast size may be undifferentiated or mismatched w.r.t the nipple. Your nipple is either rubbery or firm. The increase may appear just behind the nipple.
  2. Although you won't feel any pain, there may be a little pain or mild tenderness of your breasts or nipple when touched.
  3. You can identify breast cancer in men with the symptoms like firm, localized and hard lump.
  4. The skin over the lump may be uneven from the texture surrounding healthy skin. That means the skin may be warm or reddened. The skin might seem dimpled on the movement of the lump.
    Symptoms of Gynecomastia Problems in Men
  5. The nipple may discharge blood or colorless liquid. You may notice lymph node enlargement on the same side under the arms along with the lump called the axillary lymph nodes.
  6. Breast abscess likewise to show up as a breast swelling. These patients might get high fever with shiverings and rigor.
  7. The breast swelling might be very painful and hot to touch. You may notice redness or yellowish appearance of the skin over the lump. Breast abscess is very rare in men.
There may be several reasons why men get female breasts and you can find the major causes of Gynecomastia in our earlier post. If you've identified the true Gynecomastia symptoms, then here is the suggested Gynecomastia treatment.


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