Gynecomastia & Hormones: Testosterone to Estrogen Ratio

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Man Boobs are commonly seen in men who have high estrogen to testosterone ratio levels. Generally, estrogen levels are the female hormones while the testosterone is the male hormone. Even men will have estrogen in their body but it is limited to a small proportion. Unfortunately, when there is an abnormal increase in the estrogen levels in men, then the actual problem starts.

Do note that this is just one among the variety of reasons why men develop breasts like females. You can still get man boobs if you've normal hormone levels, but your breast tissue is either more sensitive to normal estrogen levels or less sensitive to the testosterone levels in your body.

There are a few tests like Salivary and blood tests through which you can find out your hormone levels. But, you can't find the sensitivity level of your breast to the estrogen and testosterone as there are no tests available to do so.

The breast sensitivity is caused mainly by two factors - when you're exposed to environmental toxins or right from your birth due to the hormone exposure when you're inside your mother's womb.

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What is Estrogen?

It is a female sex hormone that is responsible for girls to develop breasts during their puberty. You can observe that some women have smaller boobs while some have bigger breasts. This is because those women are exposed to higher estrogen levels than they should normally have and as a result they notice an increase in breast size.

It may not seem a big problem for women from the men's point of view. But, when men got exposed to such higher estrogen levels, they not only grow male breasts but also notice a decrease in their testosterone levels. And as a result, your sperm count reduces and you'll also suffer from reduced fertility & libido. This is a very big problem if you're contesting for body building championship or trying to lose weight, as you won't be putting on muscle due to your reduced testosterone.

Not only that, Estrogen is also linked to the breast cancer according to several studies. While women with higher Estrogen are prone to breast cancer, men with increased Estrogen levels have a chance of growing man breasts.

Unfortunately, we're living in a society where the chemical wastes are dumped into every natural resource like air, water, foods, fuel etc... You can find estrogen-like particles everywhere. Do you know that the car exhaust fumes also contain estrogen? Yes! Not only these, you can find estrogen-like particles in the deodorants, skin whitening creams/lotion etc... and these are easily absorbed through your skin when you apply them.

What is Testosterone?

The Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is responsible for men developing muscle mass, deeper voice, body hair during their puberty,.

When men have more testosterone to estrogen ratio, then there will be no issues. But, if there is any abnormal increase of estrogen in men, then it results in Gynecomstia aka man boobs.

Thanks to the environment we're living in, our sperm quality has been dropped by 42% in the past 50 years, which is not encouraging.

The higher estrogen to testosterone ratio in men is literally transforming men into women. So, it is highly advised to visit your physician and get your hormone levels checked to find out whether you've normal or abnormal hormones.


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