Can Steroids Cause Gynecomastia aka Enlarged Breasts?

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As you know, Gynecomastia is caused due to several reasons like hormonal imbalance, improper diet, side effects of drugs or medication etc... Not just these, even heavy usage of steroids may develop enlarged breasts in men. The best example for this is the bodybuilders. You can notice that most of these heavy-weight bodybuilders sport man boobs due to the steroids.

Before trying to figure out the root cause of Gynecomastia, first check whether you or the person is really suffering with it or not. For that, see if you're having enlarged breast tissue in the chest region or not. In most cases, people mistake fatty tissue caused due to obesity for man boobs.

Generally, Gynecomastia is caused due to puberty, drugs and medical conditions. While moobs that are developed at puberty stage will vanish or disappear naturally with time. However, those who're got man breasts due to the other reasons will need to find ways to get rid of them.
In these days, Gynecomastia is commonly caused by drugs like Anti-hypertensive and anti-ulcer medications. Most bodybuilders get their drugs from the black market, where they'll get anabolic steroids, growth promoters and hormone enhancers to build their physique. Unfortunately, these steroids can cause Gynecomastia within a week from taking them.

One can hide man boobs temporarily using the compression vests, but to get rid of male breasts permanently, you'll need to depend either on the Gyno surgery or medications and exercises.

How to Identify Man Boobs aka Gynecomastia?

In order to know whether you're really suffering with man boobs or not is to diagnose your chest with the below systems.

  • Are you noticing any sensitivity in the nipple area?
  • Do you find any tissue being developed inside your chest?
  • Have you noticed any swelling or pain in that area?
  • Aren't you able to lift weights or finding the arm movements painful?

If you find any the above symptoms true, then you might be having man breasts. Better make a visit to your surgeon before it turns into a fully enlarged breast like women.

Different Types of Steroids that Cause Man Boobs?

When we say steroids cause Gynecomastia, you should also know that not all steroids give you breasts. Only those that aromatize such as Anadrol, Sustanon and Dianabol are said to be causing moobs. The best solution to prevent moobs caused by the use of steroids is to avoid using them.

When a person takes steroids, it increases the hormone called 'Estrogen' and may decrease the testosterone levels in some cases, thereby causing hormonal imbalance, which makes the breast tissue to grow.

What's the best way to reduce male breasts?

The best option is always the surgery, but since not everyone can afford it, you can try the alternative options such as chest workouts, Gynecomastia pills, male breast reduction creams etc... to get rid of your man boobs permanently.


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