How to Increase Testosterone & Lose Man Boobs Naturally?

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When you make a visit to your Doctor and inform him about your man boobs, then the first thing he does is check your testosterone levels. And if the testosterone levels are lower than the recommended ratio, then he might suggest a testosterone replacement therapy which helps in getting rid of your man boobs naturally. However, do note that it is also possible to increase your testosterone levels using the natural methods. They're safer and much better than the medical approach to banish your male breasts permanently.

What is Testosterone & Why is it Important to Get Rid of Moobs?

Testosterone is a steroid hormone that is found in both males and females. However, the ratio is higher in males and lower in females. When these ratios are inverted (lower testosterone levels) in men, you'll notice several changes in your body and one such medical condition is Gynecomastia aka Man boobs aka male breasts. It is a phenomenon where men abnormally develop breasts like a female. There are many ways to lose your man boobs, but one most popular and also scientifically approved approach is to increase the testosterone levels.
How to Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally?

How to Boost Testosterone Naturally & Get Rid of Man Boobs?

You can find countless ways to increase the testosterone levels in men and the most popular methods include foods, activities, lifestyle changes etc... In this article let us discuss the activities and lifestyle change methods in detail. However, do note that the results vary from one individual to another depending on several circumstances. I'll be covering about the foods that boost testosterone in another article.

#1.Lose Weight to Double Your Testosterone

A scientific study performed on a group of obese and normal weight men found that the obese men had a testosterone level of 223 ng/dl vs 599 ng/dl for the normal weight men. That means, the testosterone levels in the men who are obese is almost less than half of what the non-obese men had. Such low testosterone levels can cause abnormal conditions like low libido, man boobs, loss of morning erections, fatigue and lack of sexual desire etc...

Here the reason for low testosterone in overweight people is the fat cells. They normally store the enzyme called 'Aromatase', which converts testosterone into estrogen. So, if you've more fat, then you obviously have more Aromatase. That said, you'll have higher estrogen and lower testosterone levels.

Hence, it is recommended to lose weight to boost your testosterone naturally. In order to shed pounds, you can either follow the 7 day GM diet or the 3 day Military diet, depending on your feasibility.

#2.More Sleep, More Testosterone

Scientists have found that men who sleep for longer hours had more testosterone than those who sleep less. It is because our body produces most of its testosterone while we're in the sleeping phase.

#3.Have More Sex to Boost Testosterone

I'm sure you know that a man's libido is a result of the enhanced testosterone levels, but does it work the other way? Yes! A 1990 study suggests that men who involve more often in a sexual intercourse found an increase in their testosterone levels. So, make love with your partner more often.

#4.Involve in a Competition to Rise Testosterone Levels

If you've a competitive mindset, then there are chances that your testosterone levels be increased 20 to 30 % more when you participate in any competition. This is because our brain is the ultimate decision maker that decides how much testosterone your testes has to produce. So, when it finds out that you're in a competitive mood (also anticipation of sex), it sees it as a cue and stimulates production of the testosterone. However, do note that it rises in case of the winners and declines in the losers.

#5.Foods that Boost Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone is the most important hormone that helps in getting the most from your workouts. It helps in losing weight, increases sexual desire, and also lose man boobs. Here are a few popular foods that boosts the levels of testosterone in men - Shrimp, Pumpkin Seeds, Coconut, Wheat Bran, Ricotta Cheese and Strawberries.

How Long Will it Take to See the Results?

Please note that not all things could happen overnight and it is the same with your journey to increase testosterone levels naturally. Normally, it would take around a month to see any noticeable changes in your testosterone levels. So, please be patient and you'll surely see the results.

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