How Long Does it Take to Get Rid of Man Boobs?

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Christopher asked:

I am 26 years old and I weigh 180 pounds. Unnaturally, I have man boobs and my friends said it was due to a condition called 'Gynecomastia'. So, I am thinking to exercise in order to get rid of my moobs. Could you please suggest me the best workouts for man boobs and how long will it take me to lose male breasts?

Our Expert Answers:

Hi Christopher,

Exercises to Lose Man BoobsFirst of all, let me tell you one thing. We cannot give you an estimated time because it varies with each individual. But, in most cases, exercise itself doesn't solve your problem. You may lose weight but not your man boobs.

It is because those people are having gland and not fat. You can reduce or burn fat with chest workouts but you cannot get rid of the gland which is the root cause for bigger boobs.

So, please consult a physician first to confirm whether you're really suffering with Gynecomastia or just having some fat in your chest region.

In case if your doctor said it is just some fat, you can easily get rid of them using these special chest workouts. Else, you may have to depend on either surgical or medical procedures to lose those breasts.

However, for most of the patients, surgery may not be a viable option and so we recommend the gynecomastia pills as a sure fire way of getting rid of man boobs fast.

These Gynexin pills are made from 100% natural herbs that specifically target the chest fat found in man boobs.

The main reason why we suggest Gynecomastia pills to our clients is they're inexpensive and have no side effects. It normally takes from 2 weeks to 5 weeks to see the results when you use Gynexin pills.

Hope you've got everything cleared. Take action now :)


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