How to Lose Man Boobs & Gain Chest Muscle at the Same Time?

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Paul Baranda asked:

I am 5'6 and lean but I was suffering from this weird thing called man breasts. Could you please suggest me some tips on how to lose my boobs and gain chest muscle?

Expert Answer:

Hello Paul,

You should perform the man boobs exercises regularly which are specially targeted to burn fat in the chest region. You can either do these exercises at home or in case you wanted to hit the Gym, then you can ask your instructor to teach you the workouts that target your chest fat. This is because the traditional exercises won't help you in losing your man boobs.

Exercise alone may not be the answer to your problem. We recommend you to combine the workouts with Gynecomastia pills (made from 100% natural herbs) for effective results.

According to our reviews, the #1 rated man boobs exercise program is the Chest Coach™ system. Read the review to find out the pros and cons.


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